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Marketing & Import/Export

U.S. Commercial Service: The lead trade promotion agency of the U.S. government. U.S. Commercial Service trade professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and more than 75 countries help U.S. companies get started in exporting or increase sales to new global markets.

Importing and Exporting BasicsImporting and exporting can help your business expand at home or abroad, but it’s important to follow all laws and regulations.

Export Administration Regulation: These are the unofficial electronic EAR files created by BIS. The legally official text of the EAR is provided via the Federal Register publications. 

District Export Council: The Councils contribute leadership and international trade expertise to complement the U.S. commercial service’s export promotion efforts through counseling businesses on the exporting process and conducting trade education and community outreach.

Export.Gov: Brings together resources from across the U.S. government to assist American businesses in planning their international sales strategies and succeed in today’s global marketplace. helps American exporters navigate the international sales process and avoid pitfalls such as non-payment and intellectual property misappropriation.  Export. gov was created to provide better customer service for businesses interacting with the Federal Government.

Export Licensing (ITAR & EAR): The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of United States Government regulations on the export and import of defense- related articles and services. Click here for an excellent article on "Is My Company Required to Register Under ITAR?"

Mississippi's International Trade Office: Committed to fostering long-term economic growth, job creation, and the globalization of the state’s economy. MDA’s trade specialists provide business assistance – including educational, marketing, and referral services – to small- and medium-sized companies aspiring to sell products and services outside the United States.

DHL International Shipping Advice: Information concerning issue of import/export tariffs, taxes, and other regulatory issues concerning shipping overseas. UPS, FedEX and other international shippers offer similar advice and guidance.  

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