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Direct Services

Below is a menu of services provided directly by the MIST Cluster Program Team to MIST Cluster members. To receive assistance complete the Request Form and submit. Not a member? Join today!

& Training

Periodically training workshops are offered on DCAA bookkeeping, government contracting, proposal writing, and other topics of interest identified by MIST Cluster members. For information on upcoming workshop see Events. For copies of presentations from past workshops see Past Events.

Technology transfer

The MIST Cluster Program Team offers assistance in understanding and implementing the various forms and methods (informal to formal/legal) of knowledge and intellectual property sharing between individuals and various organizations.


The MIST Cluster Program Team offers one-on-one counseling and consulting on a variety of business issues from human resource management, marketing, product development, business model development, and more.

ization of R&D

The MIST Cluster Program Team offers assistance and training in business model development, identification of market segments, and strategies for bringing new technical innovations to commercial markets.


The MIST Cluster Program Team and its identified network of mentors offer to share knowledge and life experiences to help guide less experienced or less knowledgeable individuals.


The MIST Cluster Team offers in depth experience and assistance in helping to identifying SBIR/STTR opportunities, proposal development – technical & cost, technical resources and expertise, understanding and insight to variations among the various federal agencies SBIR/STTR programs, and much more. Click here

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