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The MIST Cluster program is recognized by the Mississippi Governor’s Ocean Task Force (GOTF) as the State's lead marine technology cluster program supporting the growth of the autonomous marine and other maritime technology sectors.

Governor Phil Bryant signed on June 1st, 2017, "Executive Order 1401" establishing the GOTF. The GOTF was created in part to provide expertise for the creation of a comprehensive economic development master plan for maritime technology sectors in the state. 

The GOTF aims to leverage the State's resources to better support the goals of the U.S. Navy Task Force Ocean established in March 2017 to advance Navy-relevant ocean science through strengthened partnerships with academia and the private sector.

Mississippi MIST Cluster Institutional Members.

Related News and Information:

  • Gulf Blue - The first recommendation of the GOTF is the establishment of a marketing and branding plan to support a maritime technology corridor across
    the coastal counties with reach and relevance to noncoastal counties. Fulfilling this recommendation and launched on July 14, 2021 is the Gulf Blue initiative.
    Press release.


  • Ocean Enterprise - A coast wide Public-Private Partnership Program led by The University of Southern Mississippi (USM), forged through long-standing state, federal, and industry relationships.


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