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MIST Cluster Team

Joe Graben, MIST Cluster Program Manager: The MIST Cluster Program is led by the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) with funding support in part from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) under a 5 year contract. Joe Graben, Director of USM’s Business & Innovation Assistance Center serves as the Program Manager.

Laurie Jugan, Consultant: Laurie Jugan is the lead technical consultant and helps provide direct services to MIST Cluster members. She was a principal in a successful small business marine technology company that was later acquired by a large defense contractor.

Vic Johnson, LTTO: The Louisiana State University's Louisiana Business & Technology Center (LBTC) is a MIST Cluster supported partner providing direct services and outreach in Louisiana. Vic Johnson, head of LBTC's Louisiana Technology Transfer Office (LTTO) at Stennis is the LBTC’s MIST Cluster lead.

Tony Jeff, Innovate Mississippi: Innovate Mississippi is a MIST Cluster supported partner providing direct services related to entrepreneurship, capital funding, and business development. Tony Jeff, CEO of Innovate Mississippi is their MIST Cluster lead.

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